How to get started in cyber?

Yashwant Singh 🐧
3 min readSep 30, 2022

To get started in cyber, one needs to know the basics of computers. Like what is windows, what is OS, start learning from the start, start with learning about what you’re using now.

Learn about the various programs, software and hardware you’re using in your computer, how to connect to a network, how to download a file, or how to install it. You can’t do a course on this stuff. Your curiosity, will eventually teach you this stuff. Then, move onto some real stuff, the things that go under the hood. Like networks, proxies, firewalls, etc.

First, you need to decide what you want to learn, I mean there is coding, using different types of programming languages (like python, java, C, and C++) and then there is the exploitation of weakness, otherwise known as hacking. You can’t study about weaknesses directly i.e, hacking without knowing the basics.

So, pick a starting point, but don’t make a plan like a fool. Just choose a chapter and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to learn it. Take your time and learn it with precision, and don’t forget it to revise it periodically.

For example, today I just want to learn what is operating systems, the next day, I may want to add another operating system to my personal computer.

The following day, I may want to learn about the the difference of various OS and tools that come with this operating system and so on.

It’s a cycle, you learn something, you practice it, you make mistake and you try to learn it again.

Eventually, you will make mistakes, you may get frustrated but you will learn. Remember that we are all learning, no one knows everything and everyone makes mistake.

PS:- Always keep a backup of your files in a hard-drive or a pendrive before getting into this.

Be safe, be secure and happy hacking :)